January 13, 2015

Big Baby News on the way to hundreds of Irish women, Ireland’s largest online parenting community of mums reveals that the most popular birth date in Ireland over the last five years is 20th September with late September the most popular birth period.

Research carried out by reveals the festive season is the most fertile time of year for mums to conceive in Ireland. The key time period between 28th to 31st December, has proved especially fruitful, according to analysis of CSO data undertaken by MummyPages of the highest birth dates in Irish hospitals over the last five years.

Consequently, if a woman has a normal 28-day menstrual cycle, today Tuesday 13th January will be the first late period day that a mum-to-be might notice and the first day from which she can carry out a pregnancy test.

Commenting on the exciting news awaiting hundreds of couples this week, Laura Haugh, Mum-in-Residence for MummyPages says:

“It comes as no surprise that the Christmas season is one of the most popular times for parents to conceive. After the busy build to the Christmas season, couples finally have time to relax and enjoy quality time together.”

“Our research identifies the most popular days to give birth as September 20th, 23rd & 29th, however pinpointing the actual date of conception can be trickier with the length of pregnancy can varying from 40 to 42weeks.”

“Our community of mums recommend taking a pregnancy test at home first thing in the morning when the pregnancy hormone is at its highest level when testing in the early days of your missed period. It is also important to visit your doctor to get your pregnancy verified and discuss best healthcare practices at this time such as taking daily folic acid supplements which helps prevent birth defects.”

“Our MummyPages site provides a wealth of invaluable information and tools to expectant mums from calculating their due date to updating them on the weekly changes their body goes through as their baby grows. Our mum community will be with you every step of the way with advice and helpful resources to guide you through all the way to the troublesome teen years and beyond.”

MummyPages Due Date Calculator makes estimating the arrival of your new baby easy for new parents. The calculator allows mums to enter the date of first day of their menstrual cycle and calculates the due date and the calendar dates of each trimester. Mums who sign up to receive the personalised weekly updates about their baby’s development will also receive a free exclusive 40-Week Guide to Pregnancy available to download in PDF, to help inform mums as to what they can expect throughout their pregnancy.