August 11, 2014

Certain brands of Loom Band charms contain toxic, carcinogenic chemical Phthalates, Ireland’s leading online parenting community breaks shocking news about Loom Band charms and the serious health threat they pose to children.

Investigations by reveals that certain brands of Loom Bands and their charms contain a dangerous, carcinogenic chemical called ‘Phthalates’. Though the laboratory results in question apply to only certain loom charm manufacturers, which cannot be named due to legal restrictions, the level of phthalates potentially present in the charms is cause for concern. The limit of phthalates permitted by EU regulations is 0.1% by weight, but the failed loom charms contained over 50% by weight of the chemicals.

The toxic chemical is carcinogenic and can be absorbed into the body via ingestion or through body sweat. These bracelets pose a threat to children, young adults, pets and anyone who may come into contact with them.

FULL ARTICLE can be found here

Commenting on the dangers of Loom Bands and giving some advice to parents is Laura Haugh, Mum-in-Residence for

“The loom band craze has had mixed reactions from our community of mums over the summer. The craft activity has been praised for taking children away from digital media for entertainment purposes.”

“However reports of bands getting stuck on fingers, springing into eyes, and being ingested by small children and animals have demonstrated the need for greater parental supervision. The new report from a laboratory in Birmingham which now suggests that carcinogenic chemicals are contained within the loom band charm accessories are extremely worrying.”

“Our advice is to remove the loom band charms from your child’s craft activities until such time as the retailers reassure us that they are safe for your children to use.”